Nicole Connelly
Nicole Connelly
Trombonist | Improviser

Nicole Connelly plays on a custom R2 Michael Rath Trombone.

Doug Elliott Three Piece MouthPiece:

LT 101 Rim similar to Bach 5G, Schilke 51, Wick 5AL, Remington (25.65mm)

LT C Cup medium-shallow, for all small bore or alto trombones

Small Shank 3 - backbore for .508 to .510 bore trombones

Trombonist and improviser Nicole Connelly grew up in the small rural town of Tolland, CT. From a non-musical family, Nicole, alongside her twin sister Erin, started to develop a relationship with music while attending Tolland High School and the Litchfield Jazz Camp. These formative experiences brought long-lasting musical friendships and developed her desire to pursue a musical education and career.

Starting in 2012, as a Jazz and Commercial Music Major at Towson University, Nicole was immersed in the world of improvisation and found refuge in creative music, the “avant-garde”. With limitless possibilities and a landscape of sounds, this gave way to finding her distinct voice.

While still in school, Nicole founded the Creative Music Consortium in March 2016, now co-curated with Baltimore-based drummer Asher Herzog, to provide musicians in the surrounding area with a creative musical outlet. Nicole graduated from Towson University in 2016 with a Bachelors degree in Jazz/Commercial Music. After spending a year playing Trombone professionally in Baltimore full-time, she now resides in New York City where she continues her creative and professional journey.

Over the years, Nicole has studied with a variety of musicians: Alan Raph, while in high school; expanding her post-academic career at Towson University with many faculty members, most notably with Jim McFalls and Dave Ballou. Nicole has also studied with Marshall Gilkes, Ryan Keberle among many others.

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